Nicholas hoult dating 2016

Guess these are the struggles that come with your girlfriend playing a blue mutant.

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But Jen & Kris definitely aren’t the first of his leading ladies who he’s been romantically linked to…

Click through the gallery below to see which other women NH has, quote-unquote, dated in the past!

“There’s kind of a whole industry behind that at play that has nothing to do with the actual people.” Meanwhile, Kristen has been spending time with her girlfriend Soko, who recently proclaimed that she is “very, very, very in love.” Watch Nicholas’ interview below!

But there’s also like a whole business behind people kind of fueling those fires and creating speculation,” Nicholas said.

Jason from Mnpp here -- isn't it strange, the stories that suddenly catch fire with the movie-makers and ignite dueling projects that race towards the finish line to beat the other to the eyes of the public?

You've got your Volcano and Dante's Peak, you've got Deep Impact and Armageddon, and for those of you who don't see Disaster Movies as the be-all end-all of the cinematic form you've got Capote and which that southern writer was tossed at New York Society like a killer meteorite from outer space.Today comes new news of another bizarre example - the the 1880s a battle over who would best monetize the invention of electricity was waged between George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, and all of sudden, some one-hundred-and-thirty odd years later, it's all Hollywood wants to talk about.See the rest of the pair's outing here, and then check out actors who dated their costars!It was at the 2014 Golden Globes that Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult confirmed that they were dating again, after they called it quits in 2013. “But Kristen is not ready to get into a relationship with anyone right now.” RELATED: Kristen Stewart Talks Sexuality in Interview (Photo Credit: Getty Images) The actress — who allegedly recently split with rumored girlfriend — is reportedly “keeping her options open when it comes to dating.” So — will these two ever make their relationship official?!

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