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Since Jose Mari doesn’t do it every year, his album launching is definitely a much-awaited event.The last time Jose Mari did an album, Souvenirs (now a double platinum, meaning more than 80,000 copies sold), was in 1998, so it’s about time a new one followed.Nikki, who didn't get engaged but entered into a relationship with JPG on Season 18 finale, split from the former Bachelor in October 2014.

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Director: Sandosh Kesavan Starring: Jalaluddin Hassan, Mas Khan, Lana Nodin Trailer (Cantonese) A film adaptation of the hit TVB series of the same name, the movie continues the story where the series left off.

Fifteen years on, the city of Macau has changed a lot but not the people and their compassion.

Prem then meets Vijay, a commoner who looks just like him.

Both of them decide to switch their identities with each other temporarily. Barjatya Starring: Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anupam Kher Trailer (Mandarin) A young film producer, Liew, and his beloved fiancee, Tan, decide to settle down and get married.

If Nikki is nursing a broken heart, according to a Funfare DPA at ABS-CBN’s Talent Center, "she doesn’t show it."If you ask me, Nikki should thank heavens that Troy has shown her his true colors this early and what "kind of a man" he really is.

Only 21, Nikki can find another boyfriend – somebody better, somebody who should know what to do even if he’s, uh, "confused." First week of December, Jose Mari Chan is set to embark on another sentimental trip when his new album, aptly called A Heart’s Journey, is launched.

When Ke Xing finds the store and discovers Shu Lei’s amnesia, she and her boyfriend, Li Ze Xuan, try to job Shu Lei’s memory for their own personal gain.

But will Ke Xing’s feelings get in the way of their plan?

A Heart’s Journey (Universal Records) will carry 14 original compositions by Jose Mari, including I’ve Found a World in You, sung by Jose Mari’s daughter Liza, which is the product of Jose Mari’s chance encounter with Denise Rich (wife of famous billionaire fugitive Marc Rich), a composer in her own right, in New York three years ago."Denise and I got to talking," recalled Jose Mari during a brief phone chat yesterday, with him calling from Osaka where he’s spending a vacation with his wife Maryann, the same place where, as a newly-married couple, they worked as missionaries in 1970, she for one year and a half and he, for eight months.

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