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I do so love hearing from everyone and get horny and more wet reading some of the stuff everyone post.

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A herpes virus infection can produce a pain similar to an anal fissure.

Herpes can infect the anal area, either spread by the hands from a cold sore on the face, or transmitted as a sexual infection.

I had not been on here for more than a week and this site only allows 25 new fans on the page and then I cannot see who the rest were. I do not try to be rude as I just cannot keep up sometimes if I do not log on regularly.

Thank you everyone for caring, sharing and posting Hot comments for me.

Most of my therapists were rude, or forgot my name, or told me to ‘think happy”.

Currently, the only medical professional who treats me with respect and understanding is the wonderful therapist I have.Anal fissures are most common in teenagers and young adults, often after a period of constipation. They usually heal on their own, but this often takes several weeks and the scar may split again. You should see your doctor if the problem is not improving after 3 weeks.If you feel anxious about this, look at the section on seeing your doctor about an anal problem.The Dominican Republic's Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort has seductive tropical breezes and golden sunshine year round.This budget-friendly resort rests upon the sands of beautiful Cofresi Beach in Puerta Plata, amidst Caribbean-style, thatched roofs and cobblestone walkways, comfortably blending in with the towering mountain ranges and the sparkling hues of the ocean.I know with the life-challenges and poor medical condition my past few months have held I would not have made it without her!

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