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She prides herself on knowing all the moves to the Cha-Cha Slide, Macarena and Saturday Night – so don't hate.9. The Balloon Festival is one of the biggest events in Northampton's social calendar – you probably picked up your date there, TBF.11. Never forget: you can take the girl out of Northo, but you can't take Northo out of the girl – so don't try.

She'll also know the words to the local shopping centre's jingle, having spent many car journeys listening to 96.6 FM. While she may bang on about how delicious Millennium's pizzas are, she's only ever eaten them blind drunk – so don't assume it's a good date venue: you'll both be bitterly disappointed. And when she suggests going to Buddies, she does not want to introduce you to her friends.

If there isn’t any chemistry then 4 minutes is perfect to then move onto the next potential date.

Here's where you can meet singles in Northampton, Massachusetts.

It's an American-style diner, and one of the better restaurants in town. Pronounce local place names wrong – we will laugh at you (and laughter on a date is a good thing, right?

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Don't talk to her about Glenvilles, the Moon on the Square, The Lounge or Time and Envy – no one needs to be reminded of orange-flavoured alcopops, sticky carpets or snogging three people in one night. But did she get up early to watch its annihilation with 1,300 other Northamptonians? While we're on Northampton's finest buildings: the lift tower is her equivalent of the Eiffel Tower – tall, iconic and it gets dressed up for Christmas.

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