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Print and complete the Notice of Change of Address form and fax (307) 777-3823 or mail to: Wyoming Department of Transportation Driver Services Program 5300 Bishop Boulevard Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-3340 If you wish the new address to show on your license or ID card, you may surrender your current license or ID card at the nearest driver exam office and complete a new application form.

Within 30 days of changing your address, you must notify DMV and provide the street address of your principal Virginia residence.

A post office box or business address is not acceptable and your principal address must be in Virginia.

Name changes related to gender are completed via submission of appropriate court documents and also must be reflected on the Social Security card.

Please refer to the RI DMV Document Checklist - License and ID Cards.

Arizona law requires all driver license and identification card holders to report a change of name to MVD within 10 days.

MVD is required to verify your Social Security number before your record can be updated.Your new name and date of birth must be verified with SSA in order for us to issue you a revised driver's license or identification card.When the verification is run through SSA and there is not a "match", you will be required to present your social security card with the new name on it, along with legal verification of your changed name.Holding an out-of-date or otherwise invalid licence does not remove your entitlement to drive but further action, including the possibility of a fine, can come about if you need to show your licence to a policeman, hire a car or commit a driving offence abroad.You can change your driving licence address online -although you’ll need a Government Gateway ID, an account which you can use to log-in to a range of online government services that need authorisation.If your current address is not on file, you may not receive renewal notices or other correspondence concerning your driver license or vehicle records.

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