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In addition to discussing Ron’s dating choices, Phelps also revealed that J. Rowling told he and twin brother James Phelps, who played Fred, the background stories of their characters.Unfortunately, Phelps didn’t share the knowledge with the public, so any cool and interesting stories of the origins of the Weasley twins remain hidden to all but Rowling and the Phelps brothers.

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The people were ignoring one another and were oblivious to their surroundings.

‘We miss a lot of things about doing Harry Potter, but dyeing our hair isn’t one of them,’ says James.

‘I’m a Birmingham City fan and I was at a match with my friends and they were asking me if I wanted to get a drink afterwards.

Over the course of films Fred and George are characterized largely as jokesters, but there's a particularly harrowing scene in the last film, a dramatic death scene. Rupert was crying as well, but apparently he cried on the last day of filming, which I didn't do.

What was it like to shoot such a disturbing moment? Sometimes you do a crying scene and it's a closed set. The final film has been loved by fans all around the world.But in the flesh they are very different: James in his white T-shirt wears his hair longer and has a smattering of stubble across his face, while Oliver, dressed in black, has much shorter, darker hair.The eldest by 13 minutes, Oliver tends to take charge during the conversation.In an interview with Huff Post, Oliver Phelps, who played George in the films, decided the twins had in fact seen the name, but had chosen not to ask Ron about it.“Maybe it’s a boo in the family that no one talks of. ’ Maybe it was an unspoken word in the Weasley family,” Phelps told Huff Post.He added that it must’ve been a surprise to the twins when Ron started dating Hermione, since they thought that he and “that Peter bloke” had something going on.Oliver: It was really strange for me to watch James lay there like that, knowing we had to get into character and try and to have George react to it, but to see your own brother there pretty much like a dead person was really weird and quite hard to film. But this time there were loads of people everywhere; so we pretty much just had to go full force on to it. What scene in particular do think blows audience away?

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