Online dating economy

Adding a high touch approach to a digital environment is made possible by motivating the sharing economy to curate and facilitate matches between peers for use cases such as dating and other social or interest groups.

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Online dating economy

Matchpool has a vision that open systems can nurture collaborative matchmaking and turn communities into vibrant marketplaces for networking.

Matchpool’s protocol will balance more controlled access to sensitive user data, while also enabling pool operators to build geolocal versions of Millionaire Matchmaker, The League, Meetup, Craigslist and more. The dating use case is just a beachhead market; and for practical purposes, owners can customize and operate pools tied to virtually any interest.

At an estimated 1 million, e Harmony has fewer customers than RSVP.

In part this can be explained by its pricing model, which provides a much more limited experience for non-paying customers.

Sasaki's simplify-your-life minimalism plan requires a certain amount of disposable income to achiev...

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