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Newcomers to online dating often worry about how long to wait before suggesting a first date with someone they’ve met through a dating site.There are a few schools of thought on the topic, ranging from “get to know the person well first,” to “immediately propose a coffee date.” What feels right to you may depend on your personality, goals and schedule, but we generally urge daters to plan a first date sooner rather than later. Well, while online dating is a great way to meet new people, it’s not a great way to get to know them.After that, I didn’t want to meet, and I would have known that sooner had I taken the initiative.

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Be lighthearted and stay away from heavy, serious topics. During your communications, listen and remember what he shares with you.

Instead of being so quick to write him off, take the time to get to know him instead. Calling him too often or sending too many e-mails or texts before your date will make you seem desperate. Let him contact you and respond to him in a timely manner. Quality communication can only happen when you’re not comparing him to others.

If the short date goes well, you can always add another activity on, like lunch or dinner, but you’ll have a built-in exit point if you’re just not feeling that spark. After a few emails with someone you like on a dating site, take it offline and meet in person!

Mary Humphreys has lived in Silicon Valley for seven years and holds a BA from Stanford University.

Follow these rules to make sure you don’t do or say the wrong thing before your first date: 1. Communicating authentically is the only way you’ll get to know each other. More from Your Tango: The Best Love Advice On Your Tango 4. Living your life fully and having your own interests makes you a more dimensional person. Your communication will have more depth, leaving him wanting to know more about you. This shows him that you’re interested in him rather than just looking for a free meal. It’s never a good idea to talk about your ex, why you’ve been single for nine years or your medical problems.

If he suggests something you’ve never done before, try it! When you form preconceived notions, you may miss out on a potentially good partner. Comparing him to your ex and other men you’ve dated keeps you from getting to know him.I’ve also heard from guys who claimed to be traveling for weeks.They’d message me almost every day, discussing their activities and wanting to hear about mine, but when they came home, I’d never hear from them.If you’re frustrated and tired about not being successful in love, get your free Monthly Guide to Love.You’ll receive insightful articles, inspirational resources and best practices that support your journey to love.If you want to lessen your chance of feeling let down during online dating, here are 6 ways to quickly go from messaging to meeting: The questions drone on, as do his responses to your questions. You won’t know if there’s any future with this guy until you actually meet up.

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