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The term aptitude often is used also in defining ability, and sometimes these terms are used interchangeably.

Ability as used here follows Anastasi's (1988) concept of "developed abilities." Her viewpoint is that "all ability tests - whether they be designed as general intelligence tests, multiple aptitude batteries, special aptitude tests, or achievement tests - measure the level of development attained by the individual in one or more abilities" (p.413). In 1976, Harrington and O'Shea identified 14 abilities found in U. Department of Labor publications and began assessing them in a self-report format.

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They reviewed 113 concurrent validity studies composed of vocational/technical programs, college and university majors, and employees in different jobs, and concluded that a high degree of agreement existed between the participants' self-reports on the 14 abilities and job analysts' findings of abilities required for job performance.

Later, in 1992, Harrington altered the listing by adding organization and reading ability and collapsing computational with mathematical (Harrington & O'Shea, 1993).

The 15 major abilities thus identified were: reading interpersonal language leadership numerical/mathematical musical/dramatic clerical organizational technical/mechanical persuasive spatial social manual artistic scientific Technical ability is a broader term that integrates many mechanical abilities.

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