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That's a very good sign for those fighting Hodgkins.

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No matter how deeply you respect someone’s core values, or how physically attractive you find them, it’s hard to build a successful romantic relationship without some common interests.

So it’s really no surprise that an upcoming singles party in Tokyo’s anime mecca of Akihabara is looking for men and women with a shared love of animation.

That said, being an otaking doesn’t necessarily mean a guy is going to be seen as Prince Charming by potential romantic partners.

Even anime fan-centric dating events can have trouble attracting female participants.

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In recent years, a lot of the stigma associated with being an otaku in Japan has been gradually eroding, as anime, manga, and video games continue to expand their fanbases outside the die-hard fan demographic.

New slang terms, such as “reality-based otaku,” have even started springing up to describe otaku who can indulge in their hobbies while also maintaining an active social life.

It is unacceptable Mozilla has an inclusive culture and mission statement and puts its money where its mouth is by extending benefits to same-sex partners of all employees.

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