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We Chat red envelope is a mobile application developed by Chinese technology company Tencent.

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In preparing your transition into the "other side of the world", it's safe to assume you have done a bit of research no? Not all internets are the same, I met a girl from Japan who couldn’t understand why her Gmail wouldn’t refresh, a friend thought her Facebook had been hacked, and, for a visiting writer, his “critical tweets” were out of reach. You will join online communication boards, you will know people you’ve never met and wish to never meet. There are three ways to add a contact: you can scan someone’s QR code -- this happens in person, fumbling over each others devices, figuring out who scans whom, otherwise you can search for their phone number or their We Chat ID. DO THIS: From the ME menu click SETTINGS, click MY ACCOUNT... If and when you leave the country, you’ll be able to return to your beloved We Chat community from where ever you log in. Copy and paste your way to high esteem.] Tell me everything, some words are magic.

You're thinking about what to pack, but you might not have anticipated how to plan for your first encounter with the Chinese internet. If you’re wondering why you’re lacking notifications, it’s because you’re in the land of 404. All the while falling so deep into hypnosis you won't notice your lack of gchats and snapchats. Brands, companies, organizations often use official accounts to send updates directly to their followers.

During the gala, users were invited to shake their smartphones for a chance to win red envelopes.

A total of 1.2 billion red envelopes, worth over half a billion RMB ($83 million USD), were sent out during the promotion.

The 'grouped' red envelope can then be posted to a group chat and the application randomly assigns the amount in each envelope to each recipient.

In 2014, We Chat partnered with the Spring Festival Gala and introduced the We Chat red envelope shake.

Launch: Currently the app is in beta phase and available on Play Store for early adopters.

We anticipate that the app will be formally launched sometime in September 2017.

In the new We Chat 5.4 update for Android, users can now manage their professional identity and relationships on both We Chat and Linked In – making it easier to build and sustain professional and social networks.

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