Photostream folder on pc not updating

One word that Apple can't use when describing the horrific experiences with the new Photos app in i OS 8.

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Are the photos you take with your i Phone or i Pad backed up in case you lose your device?

If you’re just relying on i Cloud to manage your important memories, your photos may not be backed up at all.

Apple says you must be using OS X 10.10.3 or later on a Mac, and i OS 8.3 on an i OS device.

(Even though i Cloud Photo Library was available in earlier versions of i OS 8, there were apparently changes in i OS 8.3 that are necessary to make your photos sync with your Mac.) You can also access your photos in the Photos Web app at i, but only after you have synced the Photos library from at least one device. You can upload JPEG graphics via the Web too, but not other formats.

Unfortunately, that FAQ didn’t answer any of the questions I had personally, and judging by the email and comments we’ve received from readers, confusion over this feature is widespread.

I’ve compiled a list of those missing questions, along with answers based on my own testing and research, and the experiences of others on the Tid BITS staff and Jason Snell, who’s writing “Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course.” If this FAQ doesn’t answer your question — or if my answers don’t match what you’re seeing — please let me know in the comments, and I’ll do my best to update the article accordingly. Answer: i Cloud Photo Library is an i Cloud feature that, when enabled on any given Mac or i OS device, syncs the entire contents of that device’s Photos library to Apple’s servers and thence to any other devices that meet the system requirements, are signed in with the same i Cloud credentials, and have i Cloud Photo Library enabled. A: For starters, you need an i Cloud account, which anyone can get for free.

Q: Does the Photos Web app let me do everything Photos on my Mac or i OS device can do? And you can download and email photos, and mark your favorites. Q: Is i Cloud Photo Library useful even if I have only one compatible device? Because it syncs your photos to the cloud, it provides a backup of sorts. i Cloud accounts include a paltry 5 GB of free storage, which is shared across all features (including email, i Cloud Drive, and i OS backups).

(I definitely would not trust i Cloud Photo Library to be my backup, but it could come in handy if you have just one device and it’s lost, stolen, or broken.) Having all your photos online also makes sharing a bit simpler, in that you can send someone a link to an existing photo or album in the cloud instead of sending the original photos by email or some other means. Very few people have such small photo libraries that they can fit in the space available for free.

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