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He's going to do something totally unheard of this day and age when it's time to release it. I had visions for APK for 2017, unfortunately none of them are working out. I'm sure he's busy putting together 'The Divide' and living life. January and February are going to find me tremendously busy with big changes at work. Thank y'all SO much for your patience and outstanding loyalty to APK all these years! Wow -- that took longer than I expected, but then again, a LOT of things have happened since April 30th. I haven't talked to him since he got back from his Rocky Mountain motorcycle journey... I told him I was planning to get back to APK and I know how I want to do it, I just need to hear from him first. ] and look for some new news as soon as I hear from him again. Wishing my Boss LOTS of good health, happiness, laughter, love and especially sanity this year for his birthday.

It's an awesome idea, something completely "un-hollywood". We talked about APK and he said to "let it rest until I'm ready". Peace to us all, Deb "I finally started to start re-cutting the film (The Divide) entirely from new so I've got a new editor and this is our logo at this point for the production company which I'm really happy with." And: "Here's my horse Dutch in a painting app (Waterlogue) that Kiki my Granddaughter had me buy. " As I said, he's sending me pics to use on the Photos page (I hope to get that Riptide one ripped down SOON! We sold our farm, moved to Tennessee, built a new house, I got a job... So, look for a change to the 'Photos' page [FINALLY!!! I've missed this place -- I've missed you guys -- and am MORE than ready to jump back in the groove again. ;) 2015 is flying by so fast already -- I can't believe it's almost May 1st!

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Painter, Christopher James, born 07 October 1988, died 04 March 2012 in Australia Our Remembrance My beautiful CJ,my first born son,adored big brother to his sister and 2 brothers. P xxxxx Becerra, Brittanie, born 26 October 1988, died 21 June 2012 in Austin, Texas Our Remembrance Forever missed and in my Heart.

A hard working loving caring young man,whom I\'m always going to be proud of being his Mum. My heart will never beat the same , we are connected forever.

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I told him it had rested for 15 months and I was waking it up slowly, going back to the old ways. Said he's still editing "The Divide", he's getting really close to getting it done the way he wants, and he sounds pleased... In the meantime -- until he calls again -- he sent new (to me) shots during filming. I talked to the Associate Producer for 'The Divide' this evening and he told me things are full speed ahead for the film.

So I guess I'll continue doing what I'm doing until he's ready to have it at his beck and call -- I'm MORE than ready! Last Saturday they did some location scouting and other behind-the-scene things.

As he grew up he got into some trouble and had issues with substance abuse and mental health problems.

It was the combination of the two above-mentioned issues that led to his eventual death at the age 31 years on December 12th in 2008.

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