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While most people might place Las Vegas and San Francisco as America’s leading adult entertainment hotspots the numbers are in favor of Portland.

I'm not typically in a relationship and am fine with that, so my sex life usually revolves around porn.

My go-to option is Chaturbate, because it feels more authentic than scripted porn clips. As a gamer, my other major porn outlet is clips of my favorite video game characters going at it, animated quite professionally by amateur artists.

The State of Oregon has outlawed buying and selling of sex, facilitating or making money from prostitution.

These is the reason the city lacks a recognized red light district for hookers.

•officers had limited discretion on when they can press record•victims and witnesses are duly protected•cops are prohibited from viewing footage before a report•departments are required to delete footage that doesn't capture anything of note•there are safeguards against tampering•complaining citizens can access the recordings•biometric technology like facial recognition is limited Cities that met expectations for a given category got a green check mark. The draft policy met expectations in just two categories, according to Upturn's Miranda Bogen. The policy describes when officers should record, and requires officers to justify when they fail to record.

If the expectations were partly met, they got a yellow circle. Worth noting that the policy does not require officers to justify deactivating a camera early during an incident (unless it is for the purpose of interviewing a witness who does not wish to be recorded), which is a requirement we tend to like to see.

Portland transportation spokesman Dylan Rivera said Thursday drivers who parked legally in city meter districts have until 8 a.m.

Friday to remove their vehicles, other wise they will receive parking tickets.

He advised people first and foremost to be safe, but to get those cars moved as soon as possible.

Radar | Forecast | Weather Cams Those who went to work Wednesday and didn't head home early in the afternoon probably wished they had by the time the evening commute began.

You can find a lot about them here on Adult Search. We’ve already established that Portland is home the most strip clubs per capita in the country.

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