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The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers.Anyone who was affected should connect to i Tunes to complete the update or contact Apple Care for help.” However, if you’re still experiencing problems, or encounter similar issues in the future, here’s what to do: 1.Thankfully, we found a fix for all manner of issues in the end, but there were a few head-scratching moments not covered by the HTC Vive FAQs which required an extended stint of makeshift troubleshooting and a bit of rogue internet-detective work.

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The solution is the mini-Display Port slot on the HTC Vive Link Box, although you'll need to know what type of port is located on your PC too as some graphics card connections offer standard Display Port slots.

Get whichever type of cable you need ahead of time and avoid disappointment when yours arrives.

Somehow, we are even more excited about what its astonishing tech promises for the future of VR.

That being said, we've all perhaps become a little too comfortable with Apple's sleek and simple approach to marquee tech releases as the Vive is a far-cry from a consumer-friendly Cupertino device.

With mac OS Sierra, your desktop and your Documents folder — where files are usually saved on a Mac — can also be automatically stored in i Cloud Drive, so every file you add is accessible anywhere.

They’ll appear in the built-in i Cloud Drive app on your i OS devices, and vice versa.

If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline.

Service Status History We have tried pinging Steam Store website using our server and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting.

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