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For this reason, the tax you pay when liquidating shares can depend on how long you hold your investment.The type of fund in which you invest may also allow you to minimize your overall tax risk during the life of your investment.Mutual funds offer professional management of your money, along with diversification of investments.

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These offers do not represent all deposit accounts available.

Policy Regarding Children We define children as individuals under the age of 16.

At best, it means shareholders are forced to sell at a time not of their choosing.

At worst, it means shareholders suffer a loss and pay capital gains taxes too.

On the Transfer Money/Shares page, select My Bank Account (Fidelity Electronic Funds Transfer) from the From drop-down list. Select My Bank Account (Fidelity Electronic Funds Transfer) in the To list. In the Select Transfer area, click "Transfer from a Fidelity Fund to the bank account selected above," and select the fund you want to sell from the drop-down list. Similarly, to avoid a fee when selling a mutual fund that is part of Fidelity's No Transaction Fee (NTF) program, make sure you hold the fund for more than 60 days.

Select the mutual fund account in which you want to buy a fund in the To list. In the Select Transfer area, click "Transfer from the bank account selected above to a Fidelity Fund," and select the fund you want to buy from the drop-down list. Click Choose Specific Shares to choose specific shares to sell. Also, fees may be imposed by the mutual fund itself. To avoid a fee when buying a mutual fund, buy a fund without a transaction fee or a load, like the funds in Fidelity's No Transaction Fee (NTF) program.

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The Thrill Is Gone Liquidations often occur after a fund has dropped in value.

An advantage of this portfolio of assets is diversification.

There are many types of mutual funds, and their degrees of diversification vary.

To see your positions without leaving the Trade Mutual Funds page, select the Positions tab in the top right corner of the Trade Mutual Funds page.

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