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Important Update: the original video on this page was created before the Android app for i DVR and i DVR-PRO surveillance DVRs was available.

At this time, CCTV Camera Pros highly recommends i DVR-PRO for Android users.

They are CCTV Camera Pros mobile development partners.

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This video demonstrates the live security camera view from remotely over the Internet using the i DVR-PRO viewer app for Android.

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros demonstration of an i DVR series video surveillance DVR being accessed remotely over the Internet from an Android mobile phone.You can see how to setup static IP addresses on a D-Link router here: would check this out in your troubleshooting. But the playback works great I see the connected cameras listed and I cand select all the video listed and they playback with no issues Hi Mike, My company is currently interested into a i Phone app.It is a common thing that happens when power is lost and your router reboots or your router reboots for any reason. Would Geo Vision be willing to do some custom branding on the software and/or SDK or something in that manner? Cordially, Russell Russell, I doubt that Geovision would do it but you may want to check with App Burst i Phone app development company.At some point, I am sure you have noticed surveillance video being displayed on public monitors such as the ones that can be seen when you walk into a department store and you see yourself on the screen. That same camera is most likely also connected to a digital recorder that is recording the video.The camera may also be connected to one or more additional spot monitors.A type of In Medias Res/Whole Episode Flashback, where the story opens at a point at the middle or near the end of the story, and the bulk of the story is spent showing how the character got to this point.

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