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Put simply, The Redhead Handbook is the definitive guide to everything red.

CORT CASS is originally from Pittsburgh, where he is the only redhead in his family.

If two genuine redheads meet, then all their children will be fantastically red!

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In my last post, I described a man I’d been chatting with on Happn, and how he told me he had a redhead fetish because us lack-of-melaniners tend to look more natural in our overdone makeup... Read more » Last night, I told some friends about my crazy experience dating a soon-to-be imprisoned convicted felon.

Read more » Growing up outside of Milwaukee, in a town with mostly descendants of German immigrants and then later attending school with mostly Scandinavian descendants, I stood out with my red hair but not overly so. When I mentioned the stranger who cornered me as soon as he saw that my date wasn’t looking and told me my hair was “so gorgeous”, my friend asked if it bothered me when people tell me that. Read more » I have this theory that redheads attract crazy guys (and probably women too.) Of everyone I know, I have more stories about interactions with crazy people and situations than anything else.

THE REDHEAD HANDBOOK answers this question and many more.

For redheads and fans of redheads alike, this book will satisfy your endless curiosity about red hair.

So if you're a single red headed female looking for a ginger guy or even if you're not a red head yourself but love people who are - join! So many people that sign up to dating sites find themselves scrolling page after page until they find a profile which is to their individual taste.

If red heads are what rock your boat then why join any other site that isn't Find a Ginger?Kiss A Ginger Day Kiss a Ginger Day, first started in 2009 and now considered another fun day for red heads to celebrate all things special about having ginger hair. Being a redhead is more than just a hair color -- it's a way of life. THE REDHEAD HANDBOOK will help you navigate through all areas of redhead life, including: Where redheads originally came from Famous redheads in history Which celebrity redheads are real... Designed for natural redheads and those who simply love redheads, this is your chance to met the guy or girl of your dreams!Pucker up to your fellow redzers upstairs in the Oar Bar, on Saturday night from 7.30pm.Candle lit tables, love hearts, red roses and a whirlwind introduction to every single person by Advertise" href="#53068109"Did you know that the redhead gene is recessive and science tells us that it takes two MC1R ginger gene carriers to have a redhead child.

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