Rules for dating a southern girl

To be a southern belle is to live life with subtle nuances of tradition and good manners that never go out of style.Its not the soft Southern drawl that makes a girl a belle; its the quality of her traditions.“The Rules.” A mythical book of rules for women and dating. Where just getting to talk in the hallway to a man can feel like a weekly competition?

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With my clients, I have them give me feedback after every date, and check in every week so we can talk about what’s happening. And it’s time for me to have a little work and personal life balance in my life for once. I would have never matched those two together if they were my clients. These are not bad traits, per se, but the prototype does not match what Julia needs.

You’d be amazed how much you can improve as a dater when you spend some time reflecting. Anyway, the most annoying part is that Lewis is kind of growing on me. I wanted to fly in like Wonder Woman with the blue bottoms and white stars with lasso in hand and save her! ), I would tell her gorgeous self that we all want to be nice, but that doesn’t mean we have to say yes in order not to hurt someone’s feelings. That’s OK, because not everyone is going to be a match.

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I dont mean the simple rules like all iced tea should be sugar-shocked.

And you’d be amazed what men will tell their matchmaker about what they like and don’t like in a woman’s behavior. ) A woman should NEVER call a man, never text him first, and certainly never ask him out on a date. And there’s nothing more unattractive then a woman who takes that role from him, and becomes the one chasing. That’s why I’m single and my guys and girls are in happy successful relationships! I have certainly been a lot better at being the coach for you over my 7 years then being on the field myself. With his dopey smile and goofy farm boy laugh (LOL! What is really unfair is the fact that he somewhat resembles Superman and right now he’s distracting me from my recent upset meeting with AB. I could have saved them both a lot of time, though.

And I’ve got 7 years of feedback to tell me what I should have known: I lost my marbles for a second with my phone call to “farm boy” Lewis. Unlike THAT situation however, this time around with Lewis, I am going to stay in control and keep a wise guard up. So this is what my clients feel like on their dates! The only thing that would keep me away from dating would be from seeing my girl Emily with what’s his name! I believe that Julia needs someone who is driven, talented, perhaps even traditional, but also has a creative and open side that is amused by Julia and appreciates her for being her. You don't want a lot of bosom showing, you don't want to wear a miniskirt. And I wouldn't try to look like the Whore of Babylon.7.They do things differently down in Dixie—and we can all learn from that: "In the South there is more of a traditional approach to dating in terms of conversation.And I’m well aware of the fact that there are going to be different opinions among the relationship experts. If my new dating experience has done anything, it has reinforced my confidence in the guidelines and advice I give my clients.With that in mind, while I do respect the other women’s opinions, I can say with confidence that MY RULES WORK. Trust me, they have been used to great success with hundreds of clients over the seven years of my business. And it’s reminded me that the rules are for everyone: matchmaker, expert, dater, or Dr. The rules aren’t cumbersome, and they don’t compose a long, rambling list, either.Lately, I’ve been reminded of the truth of the rules, as I’ve used them myself! But I realize now more than ever how important it is to have a clear guide for how to date, and how to handle the challenge of it. They are few and they are simple -- easy for practically anyone to follow. I know because my male clients tell me constantly that it turns them on.

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