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CNN got a taste of this law of social media on Wednesday after airing a silly-looking graphic about a serious topic: the Islamic State’s recruitment of female fighters.

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So when I registered with the UNHCR, United Nations, I made a lot of interviews with them and a lot of checks.

So I don't think there's anybody -- like any terrorism people – can come to this country because [there are] a lot of interviews, a lot of checks.

Wisconsin conservative talk radio hosts have been "criticizing and castigating" Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on their radio shows, and in the run-up to the WI primary, several have also appeared on cable news to bash the candidate. Trump, by contrast, has found himself under near constant fire from the conservative talk radio hosts who dominate the southern part of the state, including the three counties that contain parts of Milwaukee: Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington.

NY Times: Wisconsin Conservative Talk Radio Lines Up Against Trump. Cruz opened his Wisconsin primary bid in a friendly interview with Mr. They are among the most conservative counties in Wisconsin, and where Mr. The most popular conservative talk show hosts here -- Mr.

Costello went on to interview Nimmi Gowrinathan, an academic who studies women in crisis and a visiting professor at the Colin Powell Center for Civic and Global Leadership at City College, New York.

The words "Nutella," "kittens" or "emoji" were not part of their discussion.

Rush Limbaugh - April 29, 2016 Full Podcast Leftists Riot Outside Trump Rally RUSH: That was a riot last night. It was bought and paid for, and it was all a scam...

How many people at a rally supporting Trump would have to be injured for this president, or say Hillary Clinton, to condemn it?

COSTELLO: Because very, very few Syrian refugees get to come to the United States. Like 7 million refugees around like Syria, and Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan. COSTELLO: So my final question to you is just what would you like, during this anxious time for at least some Americans, what would you like to say to the American people?

HASSOUN: To say [to] the American people, I want to just tell them -- I don't like [the word] "refugee." I'm not happy to be a refugee.

Why They All Hate Ted Cruz So Much RUSH: If you know one thing, know this: The Republican Party in Washington, establishment, whatever you want to call them, they fear government shutdowns. They think that's why they're losing is because they've talked about shutting down the government. Carol Costello Calls Bill Clinton's Adultery "Naughtiness" -- Then Apologizes RUSH: Carol Costello is married.

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