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Although Hotaru's "affections" can easily be translated into a lesbian sort of way, (Even before being re-raised by Haruka and Michiru) for the most part, they are just best friends.Sailor Moon is a video game released in Japan in the 90s, mainly following the story of the manga-series.This was actually the first time I included a color palette in a game (for something other than hair and eye colors).

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When I found Drachea's gorgeous Sailor drawings on deviant Art I immediately fell in love and the idea of the game started to take shape.

Drachea is a very professional artist (he teaches an anime drawing class), and he was a huge help, not just in creating the amazing drawings, but in spotting artists flaws in how I was structuring the game. Because the first release of this game was relatively simple in terms of outfits, I made sure to include a large color selection.

Check out the more robust, Sailor Moon Dress Up 3.0!

Follow in the steps of Sailor Moon and create your very own Sailor Scout, or Sailor Senshi. It's funny, I never watched Sailor Moon myself, but I had always been a huge fan of the clothing styles and transformation sequences.

Captivate the heart of Rei Hino, one of the characters of Sailor Moon, by playing Sailor Moon Dating Simulator.

If you have been enchanted by the beauty of Rei Hino and you are willing to fall in love, you will like this peculiar game, in which you will have to try to win over the love of this beautiful damsel.

By 1998 twenty games were already released, with the first game being on the market in 1993.

Each of the game had impressive sales, between 200.000 and 300.000 copies.

It was actually Karmiah (artist of the Puppy Maker etc.) who first suggested giving users a large color selection, and this game proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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