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I almost waited for more than 25 minutes to check the updated change log, but change log didn't change so I had to push the extra dummy commit.Once I pushed the dummy commit on SVN, the change log got updated immediately.After reading the log and correcting the error, you have to clear the IML from the command line: If you do not want to have such a rigorous down status for this sensor using the new OID, you can redefine the sensor behavior in the according "lookup file" that is used for the sensor's status channel. I've not had a chance to investigate further - I had to pause them for now. BUT because not all network ports are used, It always creates an inl entry that the port is down. We have the same problem with hp insight manager, sends emails all the time. Admin hot happy cheers I am having the same issue as described above. So I did the SNMP test on the 2nd OID and got a response of 1. All of the channels in this sensor have no information. The server was rebooted on 11/22/2014 for Windows updates.

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Ever since the merge of , the icons and sometimes statuses of items are no longer reflected in the Basic UI.

As an example, a light switch, toggled ON physically, does respond correctly at the API level, but the Basic UI sitemap does not update the icon to the yellow one any longer.

I just assumed that was a feature Basic UI didn't support. I have been pulling a new snapshot as they come available for the last couple weeks.

There were some problems with icon updates after sitemap events were merged.

This also affects the changelog seen when viewing details of a plugin with an update, from any Word Press installation. I have released the two plugins and for both of them version number got updated, but the change log was old.

Thus, anyone with v1.0.1 of Gravity Forms DPS Px Pay sees that there is an update available, clicks "View version 1.1.0 details", and is presented with the changelog as it was at version 1.0.1 (and the info box says Version 1.1.0). I had to push a new dummy commit for the file to see the change log updated.

On top of the Home page, you see an indicator that shows you that your system has a problem.

Next to it, you see the Component Status Summary that shows you what parts of your system are affected.

Sometimes, Apps must handle concurrent updates on a resource.

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