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WSUS is in charge of downloading updates and distribute them on different machines.

Because there are a lot of updates for several products, downloading updates is performed according to some rules such as classification, languages or products.

Sccm software inventory not updating

Neither of these is desirable in a Config Mgr managed environment and thus the recommendation for disabling automatic updates.

As for the rest of the Windows Update GPO settings, they are meaningless in the context of Config Mgr so it doesn't really matter what you set those to if you disable automatic updates,more from If you choose to create a GPO for WUA, you must configure the Windows Update Server option to point to the active software update point server in the site or location.

Updating of computer equipment is an aspect often overlooked by companies because there are too many constraints.

It is necessary to manage downtime, while patches provide sometime malfunctions.

WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) is a role that provides a central management point for Microsoft Update.

Thanks to WSUS, all servers no longer need to connect to Microsoft Update to download patches and hotfix.

We were doing a large scale roll-out to over 12,000 clients for an important piece of software.

When checking the reports for advertisement status, the number of successful installations were as hoped for and incredibly positive.

I have issues where the configuration manager CAS server is showing the clients as "Pending System Restart".

When you look at the client it's referring to, it shows the status as having been sent, and no status of restarting pending is shown in the registry (client was restarted anyway).

When you enable software update agent setting in client agent settings,a policy will be created with this setting and stored in SQL Database.

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