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The Bølling-age blomvåg Beds, Western Norway: Implications for the Older Dryas glacial re-advance and the age of deglaciation.

Lunar Crater Volcanic Field (Reveille and Pancake Ranges, Basin and Range Provience, Nevada, USA.

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Finally, researchers have performed radiometric dating of minerals embedded in the ice to make sure their age corresponds with their annual layer, and in each case it does.

Further corroboration comes from a sediment core drilled off shore from New Zealand's Southern Alps.

Six deep ice cores and one sediment core now provide a clear and continuous record of Earth's history.

The ice cores reveal hundreds of thousands of ice layers laid down on top of one another year by year, just as a tree adds one new growth ring per year.

The paleohydrologic record of western North America since the last glacial maximum reveals a wide range of hydroclimatic variability in time and space.

To improve the understanding of abrupt hydroclimatic...In recent months, new evidence has emerged that may be simple enough for everyone to understand, regardless of science background-as simple as counting tree rings.Scientists are learning much about Earth's past by drilling deep into its surface-both ice and rock-with specialized instruments to remove long cylinders, or "core" samples.Everyone in the dating game spends untold time, money, and emotional energy trying to find a nice person to chill with on the couch while you both actually watch Netflix — but somehow, most of us still feel like we're striking out constantly. That means thousands and thousands of study subjects have made all kinds of dating mistakes so that you and I don't have to. Luckily, because of the ubiquity of dating (and researchers' enduring fondness for studying all varieties of mating dances), we have a huge bounty of research to draw on.There's a flip side to this strategy: Once you figure out what works, what do you need to do to attract someone with those characteristics? No, what we're saying here has a lot to do with point #1: You want a fun person that likes fun?

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