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This reposting counters Wikipedia's Stalinist tactic of erasing whole chunks of the record, without prior warning or notice, to fool the next generation that is not supposed to know of or have access to the true record. Fekete is a retired professor of mathematics and statistics at Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada).

Worse still, that deterioration is continuing and threatens with an historically unprecedented world-wide credit collapse. What made that year outstanding was not just the first-ever introduction of the world-wide floating exchange rate system, but also the disappearance of the most potent and reliable financial instrument that has ever existed. If ever mentioned, it was being treated as a non-event.

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Antal Fekete: The Positive Theory of Gold – Episode 05/17 Prof. Antal Fekete: Real Bills – Episode 07/17) We’ve learnt a great deal from the Professor since first seeing him in Canberra back in 2009.

And so we’ve featured much of the Professors writings, theories and interviews since then. – How international trade up to 1914 used self liquidating credit and was financed by real bills with negligible unemployment. Professor Antal Fekete is a proponent of the gold standard and an outspoken critic of the monetary system based on irredeemable currency.

Following that, he taught Austrian economics as visiting professor at the Francisco Marroquín University in 1995.

This is the eighth video (7 minutes long) from Professor Fekete in a series of 17 short videos. Antal Fekete: The Banking System – Episode 01/17 Prof.

The series of all 17 videos can be found at language version available at Antal Fekete is a proponent of the gold standard and an outspoken critic of the monetary system based on irredeemable currency.

His work falls into the school of free-market economic thought inspired by Carl Menger.

His support of the gold standard has similarities to Austrian Economics; however, Fekete’s treatment of fractional-reserve banking, capital or time preference theory of interest, real bills and quantity theory of money is different from that of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises.

In 2002 Fekete started the Gold Standard University on the Internet.

Consider the fact that since January, 1934, the dollar has had a fixed value in terms of gold, based on the Treasury price of per ounce of fine gold, and the U. government has continued to honor its international dollar obligations in gold at that rate.

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