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Mc Coole's victims were in state care, and were as young as 18 months old. The sentencing judge at Mc Coole's trial described him as "evil and depraved".

In fall 1997, the Franklin County, North Carolina, school board ordered chapters on sexual behavior, contraception and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) cut out of its health textbook for ninth graders.

The deleted material, the board said, did not comply with a new state law requiring public schools to teach abstinence until marriage in their comprehensive health education program for students in kindergarten through ninth grade.

The 10-month operation led to the arrests of members in Australia and around the world.

Investigators say it identified and saved "potentially hundreds" of children who were being abused.

For professionals involved in child protection and anti-bullying, it is a reminder to young people – and all users of social media – to think twice about putting information about themselves or others online. Sometimes they’re stupid, shameful and repugnant risks.

Once, the consequences might not have lasted longer than a bad hangover. When photographs of a teenage girl involved in a sex act during Eminem’s concert in Slane were posted online at the weekend, they spread with frightening speed.Queensland's anti-paedophile taskforce Argos targeted an internet bulletin board which had 45,000 members.Users were ranked according to the volume and originality of the child exploitation material they uploaded to the site.“But it’s important to instil a recognition among users of social media that anything posted online is very public. A digital footprint extends very widely.”‘Worst scenario’ Professor Mona O’Moore, co-ordinator of the anti-bullying centre at Trinity College, Dublin, said young people should always think of the “worst scenario” before putting information online about themselves or others.Groups such as youth support service have a series of practical steps for young people who are the victims of cyberbullying or invasion of privacy online.He was later unmasked as Adelaide childcare worker Shannon Mc Coole.

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