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If your friend doesn’t know and trust the person on the other end, they could be putting themselves in real danger. If your friend is being blackmailed because they've been videoed on cam or sent sexy pictures, they will probably be feeling trapped. CEOP helps young people who are being sexually abused or are worried that someone they’ve met is trying to abuse them. Confidential means not telling anyone else what you’ve said.

If you’ve met someone online, or face to face, and they are putting you under pressure to have sex or making you feel uncomfortable you should report to CEOP. This means that whatever you say stays between you and Child Line.

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We respect their decision to leave and we wish them the best with their new endeavor.

However, the Presbytery of Western Kentucky owns the church building and wishes to maintain a Presbyterian church at that location, as they have done for so many years.

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Has your friend told you they camchat with people they’ve met online? Anything they do on webcam can be recorded and shared really easily.

If they do something they wouldn’t want their family or friends to see it could be recorded and shared. There is help out there and you can help them find it.

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They might leave comments on your posts or request to be your friend on a site.

That didn’t go over so well with some members in Calvert City, Kentucky. The Presbyterian Church left us." Ambler says he doesn’t agree with the church’s decision to allow same-sex marriages.

Paul Ambler, the clerk of session at First Presbyterian Church, says the congregation was given the option to leave the denomination under what’s called the "gracious dismissal" policy. "Out in the secular world, people can do what they want. "But it’s when they try to bring that within the church context, that’s where we had the issue." After the General Assembly voted to allow same-sex marriage, Ambler says his congregation agreed to the possibility of separating from the denomination.

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