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You'll just have to enable the program to run on PC startup.Hope this helps Hehe, the OP could have written something like this: I'm a biologist and I'd like to record the blooming flowers of my Rhododendron, with my laptop's built-in webcam.

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Capture any video from screen (with optional audio) using screen recorders / screencasting software.

Record DRM-protected, encrypted, password protected videos, streaming videos using proprietary formats and protocols.

I switch my laptop off for the nights, so it would make my life easier if I didn't need to start the recording application every time I start the laptop at dawn. The criminal voyeurism statute of some states cover "a place where [one] would have a reasonable expectation of privacy", meaning: (i) A place where a reasonable person would believe that he or she could disrobe in privacy, without being concerned that his or her undressing was being photographed or filmed by another; or (ii) A place where one may reasonably expect to be safe from casual or hostile intrusion or surveillance.

Given the similarity to voyeurism, a jury might find that placing a hidden camera in a certain location may amount to the torts of outrage or negligent infliction of emotional distress.Take your time and know me , you will not regret it ! I am a passionate girl who likes to smile and have fun. As WR2 said, you're gonna wanna check you're not breaking any laws by doing this.(It's illegal to film people without their permission) That being said, there's some good software for recording videos through your webcam. It's a very simple to use piece of software and lets you record videos and save them where you want.In New York, video voyeurism has been addressed by a law prohibiting unlawful surveillance.

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