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There should be the equivalent of the virtual fire-brigade jumping in on this, but it's not happening."If I was a parent of an 11-year old girl on this site, I would want there to be a moral panic. What I've just seen makes me think this is a dangerous place for youngsters to be."Businesses shouldn't put children at risk.

If they are in this business, they have to be in it in the right way - the right moderators, the right software, to stop this happening."Further inquiries into Habbo Hotel found two recent cases of peadophiles using the site to befriend children who they went on to abuse.

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The bone of contention seemed to be over whether they should publicise their relationship once they left the house.

Sarah initially seemed to want to promote their blossoming romance before apparently changing her mind and lashing out at Chad.

” as the Girls Aloud singer cheekily responded: “No I don’t, not here I don’t!

” Chad was clearly amused by her words and branded her “cheeky” but Sarah did not stop with the sex chat there as she hinted that her new beau would get what was coming to him quite soon.“Your time will come Mr,” Sarah teased Chad but their flirty banter was overhead by fellow housemate and Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson who couldn’t help chipping in.

Channel 4 News has uncovered "shocking lapses in moderation" at an online game popular with young teenagers, leaving them potentially vulnerable to sexual predators and paedophiles.

The broadcaster investigated Habbo Hotel, a Finnish website that is claimed to be "the world's largest social game and online community for teenagers", with a reported 10m unique visitors a month.

Their relationship has caused controversy in the house after there were suggestions that a “sex act” could face the wrath of media regulator Ofcom after viewers complained when it looked like Sarah had done something raunchy to her boyfriend.

“We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate,” an Ofcom spokesperson told the Mail Online.

Shortly after, detectives executed a search warrant at a unit in Alexandria, and at the ACA offices at Willoughby, where they seized computers, a mobile phone, and electronic storage devices.

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