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The decision for South Africa to legalize same sex marriage was necessitated by the need to recognize the inherent universal human dignity for every human being around the globe and the legal requirement to have this dignity safeguarded and respected.

They were careful and thoughtful enough to look beyond the religious, cultural, societal, political and economic inclinations that have undermined the ultimate goal of humankind to achieve equity, equality and ultimate happiness for all.

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So my fellow single person, it’s clear we cannot fight this non-inclusive commercially-backed love juggernaut.

We can wear black in protest all we want or even eat fruits instead of the “unhealthy” chocolates.

At the April 24, 2012 launch event, the Sexual Offences Task Force achieved the milestone of handing over the completed draft of the Chief Justice Rules on Practice and Procedure, which are required to implement certain provisions of the Sexual Offences Act.

The Chief Justice also used the occasion to launch the Sexual Offenders Register, another huge milestone.

The temptation for many women, given the low fees, is to make potentially dangerous concessions in order to earn more, such as forgoing condoms.

"Men who do not want to use protection pay double," explains Florence, a sex worker in the area.

As Alexander Mwenga narrates the chronology of the events his family experienced, it is evident that he is still in a lot of pain over what he, and they, suffered in this pursuit of justice.

His tale is one of many defeats in the hands of a justice system which is meant to protect the weakest in society, such as his daughter.

Article 45(2) of the new Kenyan Constitution states that every adult has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex, based on the free consent of the parties.

Leaders within the three dominate religions in Kenya which consist of the Catholic, Anglican and Islam, have publicly condemned homosexuality and transgenderism as signs of decadence, disease, and immorality of the highest order.

To maximize uptake, neither women who have been raped nor health workers need to report the crime to the police, but this lack of regulation leaves the system prone to abuse.

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