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Youngsters in South Ribble, Lancashire, have been put at risk by workers carrying out council-funded school runs after the local authority failed to carry out proper checks on at least 44 of its drivers (file picture, posed)In light of the allegations, which emerged in an interim report conducted by South Ribble Council at the instruction of the Cabinet, two workers have been suspended for allegedly issuing licences without conducting proper checks.

In South Ribble, the report classed the failure to carry out proper background checks on 44 taxi drivers as 'particularly severe', and reveals how licensing officers tasked with investigating the alleged abuses failed to take action.

It is required for passports and other legal purposes.

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We have interest groups to meet like minded singles, free introduction messages, and many other features to find your match in Lancashire.This certificate shows the name and surname, sex, date of birth and district of birth.Cost: £10 Priority same day service additional £10. You can write to us or visit us at the following address: Lancashire Certificate Service, Lancashire Archives, Bow Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2RE We are open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday, except the first Wednesday every month when we open at 10.30am.In South Ribble, Lancashire (pictured), the report classed the failure to carry out proper background checks on 44 taxi drivers as 'particularly severe'.Two licensing officers have since been suspended pending a probe He told New Day: 'If something goes wrong with regard to child safeguarding you should throw the doors open and say, 'My God, this is terrible' and 'We need help,' but this looks as if the council has tried to bury it for as long as it possibly could.He apologised to the woman, asking her not to tell the police.

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