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Now he is living as a man and waiting for his first appointment that will lead to a gender swap operation.

Jai, of Murton, Co Durham, regularly binged on ice cream as a girl.

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Gonzo_Rick said: They told me I could be anything I wanted.

So I became a fuselage."While Keegan9000 tried to explain what happened: “It basically creates a 3D model of each ‘face’ so that the person's original expressions will stay with their body.

“So, while his mouth is open, the ceiling control's ‘mouth’ is closed.”User deggialcfr was spooked: “That's some nice nightmare material there.

Preparing Your Two Images Merging the Images Making Adjustments Community Q&A We all know how hard it is to take a good group photo.

And a firefighter who had a gender swap was nominated woman of the year.

Instead of reading a book or computer game, this female flier decided to use her downtime to play on mobile phone app Snapchat.

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