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I played until 2009, and the two guilds I ran with during that time never so much as blinked at my gender. But these experiences were the small exception to the much friendlier rule. Recently, I began to wonder what made my experience so different from the ones I read about (I have used Vent for other games since, though primarily with friends I made in ). And there was one charming fellow who violently threatened me after I turned down his brief, lackluster advances (he was reported to a GM faster than you can say “enjoy your ban, scumbag”).

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VOICE Camps impart knowledge and skills to girls with which they can negotiate to stay in school, delay marriage and pregnancy, and take charge of their futures.

We have reached out to over 31,000 girls so far and we dream of a future where every girl in the country is able to reach her potential!

She says most women listed on the voice chat services offered by cellular operators like Airtel and Vodafone were actually recruited for call centres.

Only during the interview did they learn that these ‘call centres’ were not the regular ones.

At VOICE Camp, each 'camper' gets a camper book that she gets to take home and keep with her.

This colourful and pictorial book is filled with facts, information, tips, helplines and anecdotes etc.Each book is a treasure trove of information that girls can refer to when they need guidance.You can sponsor one girl's camper book set for just Rs 750! 1,500 to send a girl to a 10-day VOICE Camp where she will learn to negotiate for her future and make decisions for herself.Zara, and some other women DNA spoke to, say that initially they found the going unbearable.“It’s an endless stream of sexual chat,” says Zara. All that the men are interested to know is when they can have sex with us.” “I don’t think we can help this,” says another woman, listed on Vodafone’s chat service, on condition of anonymity.Zara (her chat identity, not her real name) is one such woman.

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