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This isn't unlike the aesthetic of the band's debut, self-titled album.Before the group performed last weekend at the Park Church Co-Op in Brooklyn, I sat down and chatted with Gonzalez about the new album, the songwriting process, and what the band is most looking forward to going to when they hit the road for tour.Our first three episodes are Getting in the Mood, Sexual Positions, and 50 Shades of Here-We-Go-Again. In fact, you can already sneak-peek that first episode, by listening to Getting in the Mood below: After launch week, we’ll be posting an episode every couple of weeks, with topics like stress, sex toys, scheduling sex, orgasm, and mismatched sex drives.

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But there is no negotiation involved, the lawsuit alleges, and Tele Pay doesn’t book engagements.

The plaintiff says that as an employee, she was hired to field calls on telephone sex chat lines and engage in sexually explicit talk for a fee that’s paid directly to Tele Pay.

But it's pretty similar, the LP, I think, to what the first EP was. Because it's different having a single song and releasing it as opposed to having it be —Part of the album? Yeah, I think it does do that, versus something like, we did "Affection" and a cover of "Keep On Lovin' You" and those songs feel different to me because they're kind of isolated in a little chunk versus the LP stuff.

It does feel like that, though, that these are part of a collection.

She works from home, and is required by Tele Pay to keep a landline telephone, and stay within reach of it and her personal computer for certain periods of time to field customer calls, the lawsuit says.

In a typical week, the plaintiff usually fields dozens of calls, with a weekly call average of six minutes per call.

No matter what field you work in, we all have the right to make at least minimum wage. District Court in Los Angeles, the plaintiff claims that Tele Pay USA — a company whose overly bland name is incongruously attached to an image of a lingerie-clad model — pays its workers as little as .20 per hour, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

But phone-sex operators working for a Florida-based company claim in a lawsuit that they’re being paid far less for their intimate chat time. The national minimum wage is currently .25/hour, though a number of states and cities have set higher minimums.

You guys just released your debut, full-length album. We got into a small room in Bushwick in the dead of winter and just did three nights in a row. And when you first recorded your EP in Texas, it was just you, but now…Yeah, the members have changed.

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