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Teen Vogue has posted an article online entitled: ‘Anal sex: what you need to know’, complete with diagrams, sexual health advice and information on how to talk to your partner about consent.While the article has been praised by some for offering teens access to sex-education that isn’t part of any high school’s curriculum, social media has been ablaze with people calling for a boycott of the magazine. This is geared towards not just children, but young children.” One person wrote: “Absolutely disgusting and uncalled for in a teen magazine.

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Defining women by the men around them is an issue feminists have sought to address, and correct, for years.

The recent death of Sheila Michaels has reminded us of just how revolutionary it was that a woman’s relationship to a man should not dictate her value in society when she popularised the term Ms in the 1960s.

She is not a Miss nor Mrs; she is neither waiting for a man nor owned by one.

It would stand to reason that we could assume that in 2017 any work aimed at women would be sure to avoid such regressive patterns.

The publication featured an article by “sex educator” Gigi Engle titled “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know,” and, apparently, Engle, who touts on her Facebook account that she is a “writer, sex expert, and speaker,” and Ironically, Engle begins her “tutorial” with the statement, “When it comes to your body, it’s important that you have the facts. Everyone has a butt.” The fact is, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, “Anal sex is the riskiest sexual behavior for getting and transmitting HIV for men and women.” The CDC continues: risk of getting HIV is very high because the lining of the rectum is thin and may allow HIV to enter the body during anal sex.

Being in the dark is not doing your sexual health or self-understanding any favors.” “This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk,” she nevertheless plunges ahead, defending anal sex as “a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity.” Though Engle asserts, “Enthusiastic consent is necessary for both parties to enjoy” anal sex, the reality is that many of ’s readers are under the age of consent. Expecting to do anal play and see zero poop isn’t particularly realistic. The insertive partner is also at risk for getting HIV during anal sex.The medical expert who wrote one of the first research papers on the devices was asked by Senator Derryn Hinch if the advice made patients feel betrayed.Inquiry chair Senator Rachel Siewert said patients 'repeatedly' relayed the advice to the panel during the ongoing hearings, accord to WAToday.It tells them that should they consent to anal sex, their body is just a hole for the man to penetrate, and the part of their body that is most sensitive and reliable for the female orgasm is so irrelevant that it doesn’t even warrant a label.It tells them that consenting to anal sex is not about their pleasure, but about their partner’s.’s target audience is teenage girls, most under the legal age of consent, who are deserving of adult women to teach them to value themselves for who they are, not by what they are in relation to men.” The publication – which at one time was focused on fashions, makeup tips, and celebrities – now is a mouthpiece for the radical feminist and LGBT movements and the abortion industry, as well as an activist arm of the anti-Trump agenda.One Facebook user wrote: This is an absolute abomination!!!! To protect our children we teach them about biology and how their body should be respected, which is ABSTAINING from sex altogether to focus on learning themselves before having someone penetrate them and vice versa, not HOW to have ANAL SEX!!!! There is a time and place to learn things and this was not it.” teen vogue published a guide to anal sex and people are mad but someone's gonna have to break the news to daniellehttps://t.co/Gj1bh4s YFM pic.twitter.com/BQ2hv CYS4l — gabe bergado (@gabebergado) July 11, 2017 There has also been criticism that the article “defined women by the men around them” , as many believed that the article was referring to women as “non-prostate owners” in one diagram.

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