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A further 24 per cent gave Shropshire International Airport the thumbs up while an airport named after World War One poet Wilfred Owen received seven per cent of the vote. Shropshire Carol Decker Airport, named in honour of the T'Pau front woman who hails from Shrewsbury, received six per cent of respondents and an airport for England Goal Keeper Joe Hart received just four per cent of the vote.

Councillor Nutting, who was re-elected to his Copthorne ward in last week's local elections, said an airport would create thousands of jobs directly and indirectly and bring more people to the county, adding: "I have no set ideas on how big or small it should be or where it should be but I think it is worthy of putting money into.” The idea was backed by Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

It was aligned east to west, extending towards the current church building.

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Its finds correspond directly with earlier archaeological excavations, carried out to the east of the church, which is used by the Greek Orthodox Church who bought it from the Church of England in 1994, by Philip Barker and Ernie Jenks in the 1960s and '70s which unearthed evidence for Bronze Age and Neolithic structures.

Barker and Jenks discovered prehistoric burial mounds and cremations, slots for standing stones and two rows of Neolithic post holes and a ditch, known as a cursus, which they interpreted as a processional way.

Its chief executive Richard Sheehan said there would be very real “economic impact” from an airport.

He said expense may prove a hurdle, but urged leaders in Shropshire not to dismiss the idea, adding: “There is nothing wrong with being aspirational, business people are aspirational every day.

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There is no doubt there would be economic benefits for years to come.” But the idea was scorned and ridiculed by many Shropshire Star readers responding on Facebook. The idea of an airport for Shropshire has prompted a lively debate online. Geoffrey H Taylor: Shropshire needs an airport, like a fish needs a bicycle.

Carbon dating of a wooden post, extracted from the dig at the Church of the Holy Fathers, on Oteley Road, Sutton in February, has shown it was first placed in the ground in 2033BC – a time when the ancient Egyptians were still building the Pyramids.

Archaelogists who were working on the site thought the post would turn out to be Anglo-Saxon, so were shocked to learn it dated from the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age period instead.

The recent archaeological dig shows that the late 12th /early 13th century 10-metre long church was originally three times its current size and that it was built directly over the remains of an earlier Anglo-Saxon church and prehistoric structures.

The 15-inch section of post we found was sticking up into the Medieval foundations,” said Janey Green, of Baskerville Archaeological Services.

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