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It's summer and for the anime twins that means a trip to the beach or the swimming pool!

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Amu had to decide an outfit, so she kept checking her cell of how many Sim dollars she had. She grinned as she waited to hear the sound of ringing. Amu rushed out of her seat, stumbling on her way out. She fell on the floor, rubbing her head."I'm so sorry here let me help you" a pure, gentle voice spoke. He was smirking and wearing a cross necklace with a white v-shirt, black waist coat and black jeans.

The person who was her best friend, the person she loved the most. They were talking about a concert Ikuto invited her to. She ran out of the doors when suddenly she bumped into someone. As soon as the program came on she immediately pressed "continue" and up showed Ikuto.

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Ao no Exorcist Assassination Classroom Astro Boy Azumanga Daioh Bakemonogatari Bakuman Basilisk Berserk Black Rock Shooter Blade of the Immortal Bleach Boku no Hero Academia Boruto Bungou Stray Dogs Captain Harlock Cardcaptor Sakura Charlotte Chi`s Sweet Home Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Gray-Man Date A Live Deadman Wonderland Death Note Detective Conan Digimon Dragon Ball Drifters Durarara!! Kiki`s Delivery Service Kill la Kill Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) Kingdom Kono Suba Kuroko no Basuke Kuroshitsuji Love Live!

Umaru-chan Hunter x Hunter Hyoka Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) Jo Jo`s Bizarre Adventure K Project Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Hellsing Hetalia: Axis Powers High School Dx D High School of the Dead Himouto!

It was warm in Amu's bed, she cuddled up to the warmth, smiling at how comfortable it was. " She shivered with fright."Morning gorgeous," The person smirked.

Before she shut down she said out loud"You're the best thing that's happen to me too, Ikuto and god do I wish you were real, because you would make my life so much easier, I want to spend every day with you all the time. "He would help me so much through senior year, I would the luckiest girl in the world." She continued to think of her beloved Ikuto as she closed her eyes and dreamt of what might happen wishing and wishing. Amu opened her eyes wider this time, and jumped out of bed."GAH!

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