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Now here's proof that the essential ingredient in the bedroom isn't, after all, a battery-operated device or mink-lined restraints, but conversation.In Las Vegas, at the Adult Entertainment Expo, an inventor called Douglas Hines, of the True Companion corporation, unveiled a ,000 life-size sex robot called Roxxxy, whose secret weapon is that it/she can be programmed to chat.The smartphone app uses machine learning similar to your digital assistant, in order to learn more about you.

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Now, the company is taking its creation a step further in its attempts to leave its customers better satisfied.

Realbotix, a subsidiary of Abyss Creations, has launched a program called Harmony AI.

When the former New York governor Eliot Spitzer ran into trouble for employing the resources of an escort agency called the Emperor's Club, I checked it out (unsleeping sense of journalistic duty, you understand) and was impressed by the way the site described its enticements. "Breathtaking beauty, inspiring conversation and a candid personality make her a peerless companion.

When seeking a vivaciously rejuvenating girlfriend experience, Samantha is the obvious choice."At the time I assumed that the "vivaciously rejuvenating girlfriend experience" was a comically overblown euphemism for a shag, but I was wrong.

And now, we’re just about to see the beginnings of that trend, with what may be the most advanced sex bot yet.

Abyss Creations is responsible for the phenomenon called Real Doll, a life-sized cross between silicone doll and robot that you can have sex with.In sex-worker terminology, a Girlfriend Experience (or GFE) means a hooker who offers a fair impression of emotional intimacy for an hour: who can share your mood, mirror your enthusiasms and converse as if she understands what you're on about.To the chronically lovelorn, it's probably well worth 0 an hour, with a shag, as it were, thrown in. With my ex, we’d come home from work and talk about our days for maybe an hour. If I don’t need information from you, or know that you need information from me, I have no way of coming up with things to say.Here are 16 things shy people are scared of hearing. Anything at all on public transport or other enclosed spaces The other person may think their cheery chat about the weather or whatever passes the time, but it means you have to attempt the worst thing in the world: small talk. By the time they’ve picked someone you’ve lost half a stone in nervous sweat.

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