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Increased temperatures The increase in temperature in the Arctic, which has already made an impact in the form of reduced sea-ice cover during the summer, may also cause the permafrost to melt.

"Large amounts of organic carbon are currently stored within the permafrost and if this is released and gets carried by the rivers out into the coastal waters, then it will result in an increased release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere," says Sofia Hjalmarsson, native of Falkenberg and postgraduate student at the Department of Chemistry.

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According to research conducted by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, if the Arctic tundra also melts, vast amounts of organic material will be carried by the rivers straight into the Arctic Ocean, resulting in additional emissions of carbon dioxide.

Several Russian rivers enter the Arctic Ocean particularly in the Laptev Sea north of Siberia.

Long before the study of fossil remains became a formal discipline, our forefathers would come across huge bones and dinosaur skeletons in terrifying shapes.

The human imagination has interpreted this in various forms, and captured this in amazing tales that remain alive in our collective consciousness today.

On targets to slash carbon emissions, which some Tory MPs say should be scaled back to reduce the burden on household energy bills, Mr Cameron said: ‘This Government is committed to carbon reduction targets.

Climate scientists say no extreme weather event can be entirely blamed on the changing climate, but the impact of greenhouse gases on the planet makes extreme weather – such as floods and droughts – more common. Spokesman Laura Young said: ‘Into the weekend and next week we are going to see temperatures return to normal levels for this time of year which will make it feel a lot colder and bring a risk of frost, fog, and wintry showers.’Millions of people across the south of England have been told to prepare for more flooding this week, with rivers in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Surry, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Midlands on alert.

The only Denisova remains discovered so far are the finger bone, two teeth and a toe bone, - so it is difficult to say exactly how this homo species looked like.

But the first tooth found is the largest homo tooth ever found; it was so large that the archaeologist at first mistook it for a cave bear tooth!

Today we give credit to the role that dinosaurs played to inspire some of these legends.

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