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Silver Stripe is now my CMS of choice, I have a few Silver Stripe projects under my belt I'm enjoying developing CMS driven websites and unlocking some of the power of Sapphire, the framework underpinning the Silver Stripe CMS.

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18 to 23 in Denver for the DNN Summit, a conference run and managed by volunteers in the DNN community.

Scott Hanselman, principal program manager at Microsoft for Azure, ASP.

Entwine powers the entire back-end of the Silver Stripe framework and CMS, and is very useful for writing custom functionality in the CMS, so that’s what this article will focus on. Note: In Silver Stripe 3.2, the format of form field IDs changed.

The ideas in this article still apply, but the exact implementation has changed.

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Sure, open source vendors (and their contributing communities alike) cooled their jets a little as the new year approached — but there was still plenty going on.

If you happened to miss any of it, here are the latest open source CMS headlines.

I’ve updated the completed example code with a 3.2-compatible version which is working, but isn’t as well tested as the original version.

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