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Chops Lobster Bar has amazing steak, and Rathbun’s is really good, too.” On her own character Jody: “Jody is the type of character who’s very naive and trying to be the perfect mom.

He’s such a foodie, and he loves the Atlanta Fish Market, so we’ve been there a couple of times, and it’s really good.

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Simon Rex movies buy This full length comedy release from stand-up comic Margaret Cho captures a live performance by the funnywoman, recorded in front of a lovingly obsessed audience.

Some of the topics that the infamously no-boundaries comedian covers include gay ...

It’s such a guilty pleasure of mine but I don’t have the type of personality to let people into my life that much.

There are people who are very successful and good at it, and they have those personalities that are reality-TV magic.

Is this ever mentioned in this installment - even as an inside joke? George actually died in “Scary Movie 4” so you just kind of have to suspend disbelief.

There is no linear storyline between George and Dan. Just make sure that he plays really likable and we will be OK.” So, basically, Dan is just a really good guy who is kind of thrown in the middle of all this crazy “Paranormal Activity” stuff going on with Ashley Tisdale's character.

Simon Rex videos DVDs purchase The happily-married parents of a newborn boy seek the assistance of paranormal investigators in ridding their home of evil in this installment of the popular spoof series produced and written by David Zucker (AIRPLANE! Simon Rex DVD movie Art imitates life in NATIONAL LAMPOON'S PLEDGE THIS!

when Paris Hilton plays Victoria, a beautiful and rich woman that all the girls want to be and all the guys want to be with. Simon Rex movies buy After looking into the death of an elderly man in Chinatown, LAPD computer expert Peter Fowler (Simon Rex) can only find one witness, and it's a dog named Cho Cho. Simon Rex videos DVDs purchase What would happen if the characters in the thrillers SIGNS and THE RING started to hang out together? In the latest spoof from director David Zucker (TOP SECRET, THE NAKED GUN), beautiful ...

,” which opens Friday, April 12 at movie theaters throughout the Valley, Rex and Ashley Tisdale play a couple that begins to experience some unusual activity after bringing their newborn son home from the hospital.

With the help of home-surveillance cameras and a team of experts, they learn that they are being stalked by a nefarious demon.

Simon Rex videos DVDs purchase His drug lord father killed in a police shootout, ambitious young criminal Taz sells his soul to the devil in exchange for total power, and quickly rises to the top of the food chain. Former Sham Wow pitchman Vince Offer directed and co-wrote (along with Ken Pringle and Ari Shaffir) this irreverent sketch-based comedy feature starring Adrien Brody as a gruff-yet-fashionable cop named Flirty Harry, Rob Schneider as a depraved psychologist, and ...

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