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Like Twitter, Snapchat’s pitch is that it’s more than just a social sharing and messaging app — it’s a place to consume media, too.

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Now SBS VICELAND takes this to a new level with a truly cutting-edge, contemporary mix of local and international programs, made by young people, for young people, tackling the issues that matter to them today.

“Combining the much-loved shows of SBS 2 with the best of VICELAND’s unique global programming never before seen in Australia, SBS VICELAND will celebrate diversity in different ways, exposing people to new cultures and ideas, and helping young people understand the world in which we all exist.

This kicks off with a VICELAND-produced series called “Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson,” a reality show about dating.

The show, which begins airing later this year, will run for only eight episodes.

Bringing young Australians distinctive news, current affairs, documentaries, entertainment and movies from Australia and across the world, the channel’s slate of shows will cover cultural issues, race, identity, gender, music, technology, fashion, food, travel, sports, and more.

It follows the announcement earlier this year that SBS 2 will re-launch as SBS VICELAND on television and online platforms in a content deal with global youth media brand VICE.

The company’s cameramen were in the crowd, filming for a weekly news-magazine series, “Vice,” that will air this spring on HBO.

Not long before the game started, the crowd, which included the state’s diplomatic and military élite, began to chant “”—the traditional invocation that means “Ten thousand years, so long live Korea!

The channel follows the success of the Emmy-award winning TV show ‘VICE on HBO with Bill Maher as executive producer. Vice also partenered with MTV for “The Vice Guide to Everything” in 2010 which feature Vice films as well as new material The trailer for Viceland released on Wednesday includes clips from 10 original shows that Vice had been prepping for TV.

From the highlights released by the company we catch a glimpse of with Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar exploring their upbringing in Compton, California in the first episode.

Bronson will also awkwardly predict if the two participants will go on a second date or not at the end of each episode.

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