Sony clie and updating palm os prime dating

In the above links you can find a lot useful stuff for Sony's Clie line of PDAs.

In the Drivers pages, you can find original Sony Clie drivers, manuals, PC applications, and games.

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Whichever updates you need - whether it's for a PC or Mac, cellphone, tablet or other device - you can download them directly from this page.

You will need your registration code to successfully install an update.

Otherwise, money-eating impulse buying will rule your wallet/purse.

Most of the free product software updates listed below are provided for registered Mark/Space customers, and frequently updated so you always have the best and newest version of a product.

cbas Pad runs on older USR Pilot and 3Com Palm Pilot organizers's; however cbas Pad is no longer maintained or supported (Please use Hot Paw Basic instead.) cbas Pad classic is Copyrighted software, but Free for educational and non-commercial use. The book "Sams Teach Yourself Palm Programming in 24 Hours", by Gavin Maxwell & Brad Jones (ISBN 0672316110) includes a chapter on programming with cbas Pad.

Download an old (Dec '99) release of cbas Pad 0.97b4. There is another (unmaintained) Pilot BASIC Page, authored by Tan Kok Mun.If it weren't for Treos, which Palm bought from Handspring a few years back, Palm itself would have folded by now.The core Palm that designed and produced the T3 has been dead long enough to turn to dust.Finally, in the Links section, there is a list of websites that I feel are relevant to the Clie.Last Spring, Sony broke new ground in handheld design with its NR series, which offered a 320 by 480 pixel screen and an MP3 player, plus an integrated keyboard and, on the NR70V, a digital camera.Splash Data has been a leading provider of security applications and services for over 10 years.

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