Sophos clients not updating

This ransomware is widely reported to be based on a tool developed by the NSA to hack into computers.

The NSA tool was used by a hacker group called the . Microsoft released a patch (MS17-010) against this vulnerability on March 14, 2017.

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Solution: This hot fix updates the "Ofc CMAgent.exe" file to the correct version.

Office Scan 11.0 SP1 Critical Patch resolves the following product issues: (320454 EN_Hotfix_3011.u) Issue: The Office Scan server does not automatically uninstall the following third-party antivirus software before installing the Office Scan agent.

Last update: June, 2017 Navigation: Antivirus | Malware Removal | Firewalls | Defragging | File Recovery | Uninstallers | Backup & Sync | PC Maintenance | Browsers | Email Clients | Communication Tools | Image Viewers | Image Editors | Audio Tools | Video Tools | Files & Drives | Online File Storage Tools | Text Editing | PDF Tools | Ebooks | Productivity | Optical & Disc Image Tools | Download Tools | Miscellaneous Antivirus software is a cornerstone in protecting your computer from external attacks.

While it shouldn’t be your only protection, it’s important that you install a single antivirus application only!

The “strongest” lockout policy — All Removable Storage Classes: Deny All Access – allows to deny the access to all types of external storage devices. After enabling and updating the policy on customer computers ( In this policy section, more flexible restriction to use external USB-drives can be configured.

For example, to prevent writing to USB flash drives and disks, you should only enable the policy Removable Disk: Deny write access.

Solution: This hot fix resolves this issue so that Scheduled Update is performed on Office Scan agents not connected to an Office Scan server during startup.

(332291 EN_Hotfix_3600) Issue: The Office Scan 11 Service Pack 1 package contains an older version of "Ofc CMAgent.exe".

I recently embarked on a mission to implement (WDS) Windows Deployment Services into our environment.

Due to a multitude of factors the WDS server could not be implemented onto the existing DHCP Server, and would instead reside as an independent server on a separate VLAN.

Register online with Trend Micro within 30 days of installation to continue downloading new pattern files and product updates from the Trend Micro website. Trend Micro always seeks to improve its documentation. Please evaluate this documentation on the following site:

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