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While not in themselves wrong, I believe a slightly deeper approach is needed.

So here are my five top tips for having an awesome experience speed dating.1. This is because there’s no better way to break the ice than to have something in common that will start the conversation. Bring a book to the literary event; Play a track to your dates at Stereo Speed Dating; Have a travel story or an idea of your dream destination for travel bug speed dating.

Online and app dating is losing favour and more people are turning to real, face to face meets.

And yet, most column inches dedicated to advice on how to get the most out of the experience rely on little surface tricks and techniques to make you appear more attractive or desirable.

Then everyone writes the names of the people they liked and if there’s a match, they get each other’s phone number.

Psychology Today looked at thousands of speed dating sessions and found that women listed far fewer “matches” than men.

If you don’t like reading, perhaps the literary night isn’t for you. In other words, avoid awkward silences and stand out from the crowd.

While Pick Up Artists (PUA’s) claim it’s really only a numbers game and you should take every opportunity, I’m here to tell you that PUA actually stands for ‘Probably Under the Influence’. Don’t be the speed dating equivalent of the person who stands in the corner of the party talking to nobody and then leaves early complaining the party was rubbish because no-one spoke to you.2. Not only do people enjoy the good news and general happy vibes, explaining how your terrible dating experiences in the past have led you to speed dating as a last resort is not going to engender you to anyone.

This shouldn’t surprise experienced members of the Love Systems community.

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