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Methods of such classes can be designated as methods for data-bound controls to execute common operations, such as select, delete, update, and insert.Like other data source controls, Object Data Source supports declarative parameters to allow developers to pass page-level variables to the object s methods. Select Command : Select * from Partner where id in (@Param).

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The Object Data Source control is not the panacea of all Web data access issues.

It is simply a tool; a powerful tool indeed but not necessarily ideal for every situation.

Raise your hand if you’ve written a web application that couldn’t be cataloged as a data-driven application. To data-bind all the controls in a page, you need code like that in Listing 2 (below).

I’m betting that you didn’t raise your hand, because the definition of a data-driven application is quite blurred and flexible enough to incorporate nearly everything. NET controls, behaviors are attached to the control’s life cycle through the Data Binding event handler. It’s the page—if you properly instruct it to do so. Calling the Data Bind method has the effect of triggering the Data Binding event for all the controls in scope.

For the main part, the Data Source controls are incredibly easy to work with.

You just drag them onto your page in Design View, wire them up to a connection and provide some kind of command (ad hoc sql query or the name of a stored procedure - saved query in Access), then link them to a databound control on the page using its Data Source property. But what if you want to get at one or more values from the returned data to do something else with it, like display it in a control that doesn't expose a Data Source property?The type of Data Reader (Sql Data Reader, Ole Db Data Reader, Odbc Data Reader etc) that is returned depends entirely on the provider type used - in other words, whether you are using the Ole Db provider, Sql Client provider etc.It has nothing to do with the of Data Source control.To programmatically access the contents of a Sql or Access Data Source control you need to explicitly call its Select() method.This method accepts a single input parameter of type Data Source Select Arguments.This parameter can contain information regarding the filters to apply or the column to Order By.

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