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He loves his wife, his dog, and rock and roll, but lately that just doesn't seem to be enough.

Doomed, apparently, to be just another overeducated and underachieving Toronto thirty-something, Hank gets jarred out of his itchy complacency by a chance musical encounter at a Friday-night karaoke bar and his realization of the increasing gentrification of his west-end neighbourhood and, by extension, of the mind-numbing homogenization of the world around him.


You can see exactly how much $ each guy has though which is nice. Traffic is ok in free chat and so-so in non-free chat depending on time of day etc well, i used to work on that site, long time a go, had about 50 fan clubbers, but i got really bored of low traffic and annoying freeloaders with no credit card bleh!

they have blocking zone options and your percentage goes from 15% to 45% you can change it anytime you are online, the lower percentage you earn the "better they say" becouse they put you right on top of the page where everyone can see you....

I pretty much use everything the site has to offer where I make money. The nude show photos are screen caps they take of you during nude chat and I believe maybe during private also, I'm not sure...?

so I know it will maximize my earnings and online presence. If you are in nude chat you must be at least topless.

i cant find anything via the search function because cams is such a common term. edit: state and country blocking and it's slower paced than SM.

streamray is affiliated with a lot of sites so you may appear on more than one.

His wife, Mary, his best friend, Phil, Phil's annoying new girlfriend and Canada's hottest new female novelist, Rebecca -- everyone but Hank, it seems -- has either become what they set out to be or are well on their way to getting there.

Hank isn't old, but he's not young anymore, either; is bright, but by no means brilliant; is undeniably restless, but not by any stretch ambitious.

(found that out when I couldnt get my scanner to work 2 days ago) ) it's the same site.

BTW if anyone reading this doesnt have a scanner and has problems signing up for cam sites due to this, try this site the registration can be done with a digital camera or quality webcam.

Robertson's art is as character-driven as Mordecai Richler's, and he is becoming an equally brilliant observer and writer on human weakness who wants us all to behave better and doesn't care who he angers along the way.

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