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With a contrasting blend of heritage, spectacular scenery and a growing cultural scene you will find world class activities and attractions at every step.If you have met someone on The Love Club and are looking for dating ideas, the City of Hobart won’t let you down.Even a decade ago, Tasmania was seen as the ill-starred runt of the Lucky Country, shackled to its past while Australia sped into a shiny future of shopping malls and suburbs.

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It is only in the last few years that "mainlanders", as Tasmanians call all other Australians, have realised the joke was on them.

Now remoteness is the trump card that makes Tassie the real deal in a homogenised world.

If you’re single and looking for inspiration for dating activities in Hobart, you have lots of options to consider.

From relaxing getaways to adrenaline fuelled activities the Apple Isle has the perfect blend of options to suit most persuasions.

If this scenario resonates with you, why not leave the funky bars and nightclubs for meeting up with your mates and make a real connection with someone on The Love Club.

The Love Club takes the complexity out of meeting new people and helps you find other singles in Hobart who share similar interests and are looking for the same type of relationship as you.

a living link with the ancient super-continent Gondwana".

The City of Hobart is one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world.

For many visitors that means Tasmania's pristine wilderness.

The World Heritage Area that occupies a fifth of the state has been expanded in this, its 30th anniversary year, to include rainforests in the south-west.

Prior to European settlement, local Aboriginal tribes used the site, and traces of their occupation are still apparent.

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