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How do you incorporate educational music videos into your curriculum?

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Students and teachers joined forces to dance and sing about trigonometry basics to help students understand and remember trig concepts.

It is great resource as an introduction and review for trigonometry.

But that’s the United States that some people envision – a place where everyone is packing heat, where everyone is in a state of heightened alert no matter where they are or what they are doing, because a mass-shooter or terrorist could be lurking just around any corner.

This sort of fear-mongering has become the primary business of the National Rifle Association, and now some lawmakers want to take this misguided idea into our schools.

They enjoy petting the dogs, and look forward to their visits. The dogs belong to a therapy dog group called PAWS for Healing.

Eight of these special dogs have been trained to be listening companions for young readers.The combination of music and videos can be a powerful tool to introduce, reinforce, and review key concepts in education.If you have internet access in your classroom, incorporating educational music videos can be an easy, fun learning resource that engages students.The library and the teachers are very happy with the program.She was a familiar face in the upmarket shops and cafe bars there.The local library is trying to encourage kids to enjoy reading more. They are paired up with a PAWS therapy dog and can read to the dog. They don’t judge a child who cannot read well, they just listen calmly. The kids find it less intimidating than reading in front of their class. These therapy dogs are making a difference in the life of the children they visit.

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