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Learn more about the warning signs of abuse and the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.Dating violence can cause serious harm to your body and your emotions. Return to top In the United States, teens and young women experience the highest rates of relationship violence.

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This wheel represents the various elements of teen dating relationships based on equality.

You'll notice how very different this wheel is from the Teen Power and Control Wheel.

Instead of being about getting power and control over a dating partner, a relationship based on equality involves traits like fairness, communication, respect, trust, support and honesty. Here is an easily printable version of the Equality Wheel.

Jennifer Ann's Group is pleased to offer these free resources for schools, parents, churches, and other non-profit organizations to use in their efforts to stop teen dating violence.

You may think that behaviors like calling you names or insisting on seeing you all the time are a "normal" part of relationships.

But they can lead to more serious kinds of abuse, like hitting, stalking, or preventing you from using birth control.We designed these tools to align with our strategy of preventing dating abuse through Awareness, Education, and Advocacy.We hope that they will be helpful in your efforts to prevent dating violence.Equality Wheel A strong dating relationship is based on equality and respect, not power and control.Think about how you want to be treated in a relationship.Teen dating violence can be prevented, especially when there is a focus on reducing risk factors as well as fostering protective factors, and when teens are empowered through family, friends, and others (including role models such as teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth group leaders) to lead healthy lives and establish healthy relationships.

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